AuthorHayden Breese

Artificial Intelligence and the rise of the machine


If one thing is clear, machines are evolving quickly. We may be on the cusp of an enlightened, utopian age, where machines use their extraordinary science to aid humans in ways never thought possible. Alternatively our technology could surpass us and render us obsolete as we give rise to a superior technological form of life. Scientist from around the world are in a race to invent a god. Well...

What we must do about large scale migration


As global citizens, we must all unite with common purpose to solve the problems that effect us all. People are people, from next door, another island, they are all the same. We share the planet, and the same needs as human beings. When people flee their homeland, we must open our eyes and our minds to their plight. It is possible to create a solution if everyone is involved and shares the load...

Team Dunedin


Perhaps the government is doing Dunedin a favour. Adversity and a common threat brings people together. In economics and business, there is a constant state of positive and negative forces creating growth and decline that we all tend to ignore until something sticks out above the norm and smacks us in the face. Recent job losses in Dunedin have caught the attention of many. While this acts as a...

The Multi-Tasking Mind


I was really impressed when the Iphone brought in multitasking support but it makes me wonder how many people walk around with too many tasks going at once in their head. I often take a moment to stop and shut down the applicaitons running on the phone. It feels good for some reason to get them to stop. One at a time I click through and turn them off. I know they can probably continue to run in...

Advertising our Cities… this is what attracts people


Humans can be simple creatures, we love to generalize and place things into boxes. It makes it much easier to understand our world. While someone may have diverse and complex interests we define people by their role in society. Fred is a plumber, John is a lawyer, everyone has a role to fulfill. City identity is similar. Consumers like to generalize about locations. It seems to me of late that...