AuthorHayden Breese

Universal Basic Income and the future of money


Universal basic income has been proposed as a way of responding to job disruption due to advancements in AI and robotics. How will people live and exchange value in a future dominated by automation? Welfare already exists to adjust income to a living wage standard or to provide basic utility. Income is already taxed to adjust disposable income so that the majority remain in a work/consume cycle...

The future of jobs and the end of the gamified society


Looking beyond the future of jobs, we find a place where little jobs exist. The thought of a life without employment scares many of us today because that it is all we have known. Life has been gamified by the creation of tokens in the form of money. This game has been fun and not so fun to play. Yet it has given us all something to do. It has given us status and meaning. You can say when asked...

The Multiple Dimensions of an Augmented World


We live in a world of relative perception. We experience an objective world in as much as we can agree on what we perceive through our senses. To date we have confined digital information to devices and screens, seperate from the real world around us. This seperation has kept a clear division between the made up and the real. This seperation is closing and will soon dissapear, as screens are...

Automomous Vehicles – the world where no one owns a car


Vehicles are about to have a mind of their own and this will have signifcant implications for car owners, planners and industry. Lets quickly explore some of the implications. The first industries to be disrupted will be any that are already close to semi automation. Automation in the sense that there is a driver on behalf of other passengers. As passengers are already used to a “third...

Your future body will be managed by artificial intelligence and tech magic


Artificial Intelligence and technology is about to have a huge impact on the health and wellness sector. At the moment we go to the doctor when we need to or for a checkup. We find things are wrong or go to fix things that are not right. We are currently being monitored and managed by humans. A human doctor who cannot effiicently identify patterns in the big data our bodies produce. A human...

Futurism – Work, Money and Power, the Great Re-Organisation is coming


Longevity technology will challenge work/retirement and longer term financial planning as we unlock longer life expectancy…People will be able to live and work longer with a better standard of health. What happens to the labour market when one generation refuses to quit working? If your dad or grandad doesnt take your job, automation will. There is no doubt that automation and artificial...