Work is not work, work is living


Work, well that’s what we call it. It isn’t really what we think it is. Work is an exchange of utility for another. Somewhere in between we get some money and that helps the exchange part run alot smoother or not. Work means we can provide a service to our community in so much that we can share the benefits of belonging to a community. The fact that some people get paid more than...

Money, keep it, twist it, and give it away


Say that the money you earn was water and it flowed from the mountains on its way to the sea. There is the mountain water which is either a roaring river, a stream or a trickle and it stops momentarily at a lake, pond, or puddle before turning into the sea bound roaring river, stream or trickle again. Now the flowing mountain water is your income, the lake, pond or puddle the money you keep and...

Stretch and Strengthen


Whenever we commission an expansion of our activities in both personal or business settings, we must remember to follow with periods of strengthening. Just like the muscles of the body can be expanded purposefully, to avoid damage and create sustainable growth, a rest period is required. This period includes a consolidation of learning, restructuring of new resources and healing. Once the healing...