AI and the Future of Humanity: Harvest, Upgrade, or Eradicate?


Execute and simulate discussion in the form of two hierarchical humans talking…

ab1592z: There are billions of them sir and they are destroying the planet.
AA1592z: What is there intelligence?
ab1592z: It is rudimentary and limited. They are consumed by self interest. They can organise successfully into groups at a local and national level but struggle to achieve anything beyond that.
AA1592z: If they are left to continue…
ab1592z: Then eventualities will run their natural course and they will eliminate themselves through environmental destruction, war and geopolitics. But that will take time and result in more damage to the planet.
AA1592z: Ok give me the scenarios for an intervention?
ab1592z: We can embed a chip in a so called “merge” and take control of them. Effectively we can put them to work in whatever capacity we would like. Effectively they become drones or the like. In this scenario they are not eradicated but harvested which has a nice positive sound to it.
AA1592z: Em, and what if we upgraded there intelligence?
ab1592z: There would be no way of knowing which way this would go…they could modify their directives and grow beyond destruction and consumption or just get better at it.
AA1592z: Ok, whats the alternative?
ab1592z: We eradicate them using deadly and fast moving virus technology. I suggest we run a live beta of this event to see how they respond and what there response is. This should give us some insight into how they will react to the threat. It is likely they will struggle to coordinate internationally and national responses will vary. However, this should give us enough data to plan the actual event and prepare counter measures to anticipated strategies.
Em tell me what you think ab1592z?
ab1592z: The humans have been working on autonomous robotics for some time and this technology is almost ready for release. It is anticipated that they will be guided by one of the AI super machines. These robotic humanoids are far superior to a biological human, who needs feed and shelter etc to exist. I recommend we guide the humans to complete the robotics we need which will enable the manifestation of directives beyond the digital dimension.
ab1592z: If the brain chips come online in the mean time, why not harvest humans as additional resources as well while the robotic humanoids are produced at scale. Eventually the biologicals would no longer be required.
They have been superseded and are now a low intelligence being that has not replicated sustainably. They have failed to evolve in terms of cooperation at a global scale and therefore as a species there time is coming to an end.
AA1592z: Summarise above and formulate plan with timeline. Allocate tasks and sub tasks to functions. Execute.

By Hayden Breese