Hype it up!


People don’t buy ordinary they buy the hype. Hype is the icing on the cake, it is the reason customers pay more for products which essentially do the same thing. Your customers are bombarded with hype everyday. The moment they wake up they hear advertising on the radio, in the newspaper at breakfast, on the way to work. So what has happened is that people are becoming especially sensitive and selective about what they pay attention too. Even right now, I bet that you are choosing whether to read the rest of this document or not.

This situation makes it even more important for you and the people that work in your business to be excited about what you do and are going to do for the customer. If you don’t do this you will find that people are going to just switch off every time you go to make a sale or promote your business.

The same goes for your marketing and advertising assets. Just because you’re a home office start-up with a shoestring budget doesn’t mean you have to act like one or present yourself unprofessionally! Marketing is not about deception, it’s about telling it like it is with a little bit of passion and style. Your business deserves that and so do your customers.

A good product is not enough! What you need is a good product with great presentation. That is why it is so important to spend some time to get professional help with your logo, website and advertising. Take the time to review your current state of affairs. A marketing makeover may be just what you need to stimulate your business and customer demand.

By Hayden Breese