The exciting adventures of magnificent creatures


Rigidity is the inability to be changed or adapted. We are all a little bit rigid. We love our routines and most of us thrive in highly predictable routine based environments. Routine creates structure. When we operate within an existing structure, we don’t have to work as hard at choosing what to do. Structured life has more certainty and less uncertainty. Get up, get the kids ready for School...

You are a super hero but your making it harder than it needs to be


It’s so easy to lie to ourselves about how hard our lives are. We are all exhausted right? Work, the kids, partners, family, money, covid, and the list goes on and on. The reality for many people including myself is “we can do better and we can feel better”. If you are at breaking point, are happy being stuck in a rut and don’t want a lecture please do not read on… Ok so, its about now you...

The adventure of your life and how to shoot the moon


This moonshot thing is hard right? It’s hard because we have been raised to “do what we are told” not “tell ourselves what to do.” We are encouraged to play within the structures, do what we are told and waste away our free time… We show up and the school system feeds us averaged content in groups, via a planned structure, appropriately designed according to the needs of average students...

The Multi-Tasking Mind


I was really impressed when the Iphone brought in multitasking support but it makes me wonder how many people walk around with too many tasks going at once in their head. I often take a moment to stop and shut down the applicaitons running on the phone. It feels good for some reason to get them to stop. One at a time I click through and turn them off. I know they can probably continue to run in...

All are of this place


Perhaps it is not pedigree that separates one man from another – a mans success is defined by whether his will is determined by every voice that resides in his head. It is enough to live to a personal standard – to conceive of and seek the accomplishment of challenging goals. To think and feel and autonomously action irregardless of mood and thinking. This is a state of true self...

Change requires loss


If you are afraid of losing your current way of life you are afraid of change. The mind simplifies and interprets your fear to mean all change both good and bad. Thus your fear of loss blocks transformational change. You must be willing to remove in order to gain.

The Sea breathes


The sea drew back as if to take breath. I thought between the roar that I heard a gasp. As waves flowed back towards the horizon, forward moving waves were already lurching towards the beach. Then they hit. At that moment of intense emotion all that was positive in the world collided with a counter balancing force of negativity. Sometimes the sea quietly crawled higher towards the dunes as if the...

My Dogs Memory


I knew this dog once, called Jack. He was like any other dog. He would sit steering at you while you ate hoping for a treat to be thrown his way. Jack is a master motivator. He understands basic principles about how to get what he wants. Firstly he must be near the opportunity. Where the food is. For a dog proximity is key. He will sit close to the food. Secondly, jack plants the seed or...

Ants in my kettle


Most of us go about our lives drinking cups of tea without a care in the world. It often pays to stop and check the quality of the beliefs in which we base our routines. What I mean is, it pays to check the kettle every once in while. My Nana enjoyed a beautiful cup of tea several times a day. She meticulously prepared the Choysa bag in her favorite white mug. Neither did she know that there were...

Are you living yesterdays life today?


Once you have your rhythm its easy to play the same song over and over again. The good songs make us feel great, and the sad songs give us words during our sad times. What comes first? The emotion, the thought, a biochemical change, who knows but we all sure know about it when our emotions change like four seasons in one day. A word, context or event can set off a whole set of emotional responses...