The future of jobs and the end of the gamified society


Looking beyond the future of jobs, we find a place where little jobs exist. The thought of a life without employment scares many of us today because that it is all we have known. Life has been gamified by the creation of tokens in the form of money. This game has been fun and not so fun to play. Yet it has given us all something to do. It has given us status and meaning. You can say when asked...

Save the Economy, Save the World.


It seems to be quite a challenge that lies ahead. The job summit idea raises some interesting consideration about what what can be done to assist the businesses that make up the economy to survive and retain jobs. Here is a few thoughts about how I would approach it structurally. Firstly, I would define the various levels of the economic environment that we need to assist. After all if...

Building a business in new zealand


What does it take to start from scratch and still be operating in five years time. I love listening to the latest business experts and promotions. It seems the ultimate answer to succeeding in New Zealand through business changes every year. Without doubt the latest catchphrase used by government and business authorities is “innovation”. Be innovative. Do things differently, try new ways to...

Make your business the business of success


Gather the best people and get them involved. You need to get answers from qualified people. Share and make your goal a win for many. If you vision is great then there will be plenty of reward to go round. Make your vision great, if it doesn’t inspire you then it’s not worth doing. If it doesn’t inspire you it won’t inspire anyone else. Consider doubt logically. Deal with it appropriately and...

Ramblings on machines and men


If your business was a machine, the defining moment of success would be the moment that the machine could continue to operate effectively on its own without your maintenance. Every component was empowered with the resources and the will to continue its purpose according to the vision of the grand purpose. Every autonomous function is created with self sustainability in mind and the awareness of...