How real is real?


Real, what is real? Real is no more real than the idea of touch or the idea of sight and sound. Simulation, what is simulation? A simulation is the imagining of the real in so much that is seems real. Yet we are faced with the next logical question? How real is real? Real is as absolute it can be because there is nothing more “real” to compare too. But what does it all mean? It means...

Your future body will be managed by artificial intelligence and tech magic


Artificial Intelligence and technology is about to have a huge impact on the health and wellness sector. At the moment we go to the doctor when we need to or for a checkup. We find things are wrong or go to fix things that are not right. We are currently being monitored and managed by humans. A human doctor who cannot effiicently identify patterns in the big data our bodies produce. A human...

Artificial Intelligence and the rise of the machine


If one thing is clear, machines are evolving quickly. We may be on the cusp of an enlightened, utopian age, where machines use their extraordinary science to aid humans in ways never thought possible. Alternatively our technology could surpass us and render us obsolete as we give rise to a superior technological form of life. Scientist from around the world are in a race to invent a god. Well...