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Advertising our Cities… this is what attracts people


Humans can be simple creatures, we love to generalize and place things into boxes. It makes it much easier to understand our world. While someone may have diverse and complex interests we define people by their role in society. Fred is a plumber, John is a lawyer, everyone has a role to fulfill. City identity is similar. Consumers like to generalize about locations. It seems to me of late that...

Whats a brand without a story?


Your brand tells a great true story about your company that deserves to be told well. Leadership brands represent the relationship and common understanding between consumers and companies. When this is done well it is more valuable than any other marketing or management investment. Remarkably, if you are in business and you tell someone you tell stories this might seem to be something bad. I have...

Brand creation


A brand tells a story about your company. When creating that story put yourself in the position of the customer, think about what you would like your customers to think of when they hear your name or see your logo. You should also be developing a set of values with a brand story that elicit particular feelings. One way of developing these values is by working back from the unique benefits that...

Focusing your brand


It’s easy to get tricked into thinking that the more types of services or products that you provide your customers the better off financially you will be. The more products that you offer your existing client base the more opportunities for making a sale, yes. But we believe that there are some major pitfalls you need to be aware of. First of all, take this scenario, you are a leading accounting...

Thoughts on Brand Building


A company brand is an idealized representation of self. Physically in its simplest form a brand is best defined by its logo. A brand story is depicted by images and words that imply personality and values.
Beyond this brands start to get confusing. For example, we could consider the people, buildings and almost every aspect of consumer interaction a part of the brand experience.