Embracing Change: Bold Leadership in a Disrupted World


Are we all living in denial? We cling desperately to our past routines and beliefs as if one day we will wake up and everything will be as it was. It will not. The pace of change is accelerating or perhaps the storms on the horizon have finally arrived. Either way those who are preparing to lead must do exactly that. This is not a time for steady as she goes “governance” or management. Our time...

Virtuous tech titans take action to save future humans


The ability to work together towards common goals has been fundamental to the ongoing success of the human species. This has been successfully demonstrated at a group level but as groups get larger these groups become more complex with diverging goals. In the case of climate change, humans of the present moment have obligations to their families but some also to their shareholders. As a...

The Choice


The delivery room was spotless, white, clinical. The mother lay exhausted, breathing, smiling. She had only a single thought…“Oh my god he’s beautiful.” The baby let out that familiar cry all parents long to hear. No language or words, just a sound loud enough to get immediate attention. It’s mother understood…the babies cry meant “im here, I am alive and I have arrived.” Everyone breathed a sigh...

Lost in the cloud


Digital media can be very seductive to a busy mind. Consuming frequent news and social media content keeps the mind unsettled and compulsive. It’s easy to feel busy and at work when consuming media, yet any heavy user knows this is far from the truth. There is rarely anything truly productive from a digital consumption compulsion other than loss of focus. When your dominant training of the mind...

Are your needs being met?


I have thought long and hard about psychology, emotions, mindset and motivation. There are thousands of methods, experts, and techniques from CBT to mindfulness. The whole area of expertise is the playground of highly trained and specialised clinical psychologists. These are the people who help us navigate our minds and behaviour but there are only a limited number of them. It takes years to...