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The simulation and virtual lifetimes


Have you ever wondered why your sense of self feels ageless? That present self, the one that writes, that looks, that hears. That relfective self, the one that remembers and relfects. The future self, the one that thinks of the future and all that will come… You feel ageless but your body does not. It ages noticably along a predictable path. Your face changes to relect your age. You...

Climate change is solved by a breakthrough in Human Longevity


Imagine for a moment that science had proven that each of us upon our death are re-incarnated, literally born again to start from scratch as a baby human. Would this knowledge of continued conscious existence change how people perceive the threat of climate change? There would be no deinal then that they themselves will experience the real life perspective of climate neglect outcomes. We soon...

How real is real?


Real, what is real? Real is no more real than the idea of touch or the idea of sight and sound. Simulation, what is simulation? A simulation is the imagining of the real in so much that is seems real. Yet we are faced with the next logical question? How real is real? Real is as absolute it can be because there is nothing more “real” to compare too. But what does it all mean? It means...

The Earth Council


What if the ownership of key earth sustainability assets were released from individual country control? The skys, oceans, forests etc were given basic human rights to sustain themselves…to feed and grow, shelter from destruction, and freedom from exploitation. An Earth council. We are failing to represent the long term interest of key assets, which are in our own interest longer term to...

What we must do about large scale migration


As global citizens, we must all unite with common purpose to solve the problems that effect us all. People are people, from next door, another island, they are all the same. We share the planet, and the same needs as human beings. When people flee their homeland, we must open our eyes and our minds to their plight. It is possible to create a solution if everyone is involved and shares the load...

Worlds within Worlds


I was steering out from the beach at the sea and thinking this is real life, nature at its best. The sheer force of the sea was spectacular and about as far from being influenced by me as possible. That’s when I thought what we cannot control we alienate, I didn’t pay it any further attention, why should I it was too powerful for me. We create worlds within worlds because as a species we have...