Can our leaders keep pace with technology?


The rate of technology change is putting pressure on our organisations. Our managers are faced with a world of consumers who now live and communicate intricately through social media. Todays managers are not the new generation of tech savvy, internet ready entrepreneurs who dine in the world of web 2.0. Todays managers are the career managers who are a life-time in the making. It takes tens of...

planning for success


Some people don’t like plans because they feel they are restricted to particular courses of action. Planning often takes a considerable amount of time to do; it can be a difficult and meticulous job. However, here a few important reasons why you should consider creating a plan for your business… A plan takes valuable business knowledge from every functional area of an organization and makes it...

Ramblings on machines and men


If your business was a machine, the defining moment of success would be the moment that the machine could continue to operate effectively on its own without your maintenance. Every component was empowered with the resources and the will to continue its purpose according to the vision of the grand purpose. Every autonomous function is created with self sustainability in mind and the awareness of...

Business Growth in Perspective


There is a lot of talk from governments about businesses expanding to become exporters. There are many business people with a massive interest in growth. Scale and perspective are critical elements to business growth. We need to identify those business owners with the will to change. We will save a massive amount of time and resources by communicating directly to the people with the most leverage...