Hayden Breese



I help individuals and organisations challenge themselves to grow, make discoveries and personal break throughs. My expertise includes Futurism, Marketing, Websites and Technology, Branding, Culture, Business Management, Martial Arts, Digital, and Technology. Call me about working with your group on:

– Marketing for creative problem solving
– Brand & Culture strategy for identity and future planning
– Futurism for business planning and creativity


As a futurist, I am particularly interested in Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence, Space Exploration, Solar Energy, Electric Vehicles, and Blockchain.

Creative CEO

Hayden is CEO and founder of MYTH Digital & Brand Agency. He has 18 years experience as a strategic adviser in brand identity, website development, and digital disruption. His sector experience includes, Advertising & Marketing, Technology and Education.

Coach, Consultant at Luvo

I apply intellectual, business, and creative skill as a consultant. I have held multiple volunteer board positions where I actively sought modernisation and change. I am a long standing volunteer business mentor with business in the community.

Martial Arts

An active imagination and small stature lead Hayden too the martial arts. As a senior 6th degree Black Belt he coaches groups, adults and children to transform their bodies and minds at Threshold Taekwon-Do.


Hayden is a creative speaker providing education, inspiration and entertainment. I am actively invited to speak about futurism, technology, and education.

Educated in New Zealand at the University of Otago, Massey University and the NZ Army Officer School, Hayden holds a Marketing degree to masters level, and a 1st class honours degree in management.

“I am passionate about the development and prosperity of Dunedin, where I live with my wife and two children. I am committed to driving change for future generations.”


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