Learning about marketing


If you are committed to spending consistently with media providers like radio stations and newspapers then you should put thought into adding value and consistency through an ongoing advertising campaign. Marketing communications can be made more effective by coordinated advertisements that buy perceptual space in the mind of your consumer.

You need to be careful not to over complicate your tactical marketing activities. Many small businesses lose sight of the discipline based day to day actions that really get massive results over time, such as regular customer contact. All the sophisticated marketing solutions, fads and theories in the world are useless if you’re not practicing the basics.

Unfortunately, many New Zealand marketing graduates start work with an understanding of how to approach an international Blue Chip marketing program instead of more practical small business or entrepreneurial marketing skills. This is steadily improving and it’s good to see modern business schools promoting practical experience at all levels of business.

In terms of your own education as a business owner or manager it’s important to learn as much as possible about what marketing activities are appropriate for your business. Simply start by asking how are we going to generate initial, ongoing and increasing sales revenue and profitability? What direct and indirect things can we do to promote a favorable business presence in the market and in what ways can we add value to the community and people who we share our resources with. Every time you practice marketing, concentrate on learning as much as possible and you will grow an outstanding market orientated business.

By Hayden Breese