Filtering the Internet’s information is the new Power


For years people said “knowledge is power”, and they were probably right. Knowledge and information used to be reserved for a special few. Then came the internet and for many years access to knowledge was indeed power. We all marveled at how much information was available and how much more was on the way. Today even access to knowledge is not enough, there is simply far too much of it. Now power comes to those who can filter knowledge from the vast quantities of information. Thanks to the modern search engines like Google we now have the tools that serve us up large degrees of information. The ultimate race, power goes to those that can effectively filter this information. Search Engines are the ultimate filters at the forefront of a new power. The makers of the big search engines know this, they are in a new race, a race to relevancy, a race to serve filtered useful information to users. They do not need to own the information, they do not need to control it. They just pass it on, filter it for the rest of us. Every search and every request requires an answer, I guess one question remains, “what happens when all the questions are answered”…

By Hayden Breese