Whats a brand without a story?


Your brand tells a great true story about your company that deserves to be told well. Leadership brands represent the relationship and common understanding between consumers and companies. When this is done well it is more valuable than any other marketing or management investment.

Remarkably, if you are in business and you tell someone you tell stories this might seem to be something bad. I have to come clean and tell you I love stories, especially commercial stories. I am proud to be a master storyteller, a brand magician, stories excite me. Consumers love stories too.

Today on Breakfast I watched Brian Richards, an Auckland based Brand strategist, reiterate the importance of brand story development in the role of developing successful brands. This statement was in response to the Auckland Super City running a quick fire competition for a new logo to represent the city. The point is can you have a logo symbol without the story behind it? The answer is yes you can. You can design logo’s until your hearts content.

What you cannot do is fake a story and get away with it. You cannot throw a logo together and then create a story later because they wont match up. The brand story and logo originate from the same place. They represent the essence of an organisation. One should not exist without the other, though it does happen and when it does everyone senses there is something missing.

Great agencies get to the heart of what your organisation is about, where it has come from, where it is going, and they craft a grand representation of this through the art of design. Brand logos may often be seen as the final design output by clients, though the enlightened know they live more passionately when secured by a properly interpreted and understood brand story.

By Hayden Breese