Work is not work, work is living


Work, well that’s what we call it. It isn’t really what we think it is. Work is an exchange of utility for another. Somewhere in between we get some money and that helps the exchange part run alot smoother or not. Work means we can provide a service to our community in so much that we can share the benefits of belonging to a community.

The fact that some people get paid more than others can be dependent on legacy, smarts, foul play and down right luck. Ultimately, everyone is as important as everyone else to ensure society functions efficiently.

We need work. We may grumble about it, moan about the monotony of it but at the end of the day most of us are routine junkies, craving the importance and achievement work brings us.

Work enables us to exchange responsibility for wants and needs to other people, with the added bonus of specialization. We don’t need to hunt, breed chickens, write books, make iPods, it’s all done for us and by people with much better skills.

In the tribe we become known for being able to do something. People then come to us to get that done. What we do has a market value. We can then use that value to in turn purchase something from others.

Organizations and companies are just groups of people who choose to spend time together with related areas of specialization.

Some people create work that has flexible hours or less hours than others. Some people prefer to work all the time. Some people receive no money for the work they do. All in work benefit the whole.

The rare few have accumulated or inherited excess value. Meaning, they have more value than they need to exchange. These people often do not need to work to produce value for exchange. Naturally, they end up exchanging additional value than is necessary for additionally developed needs and wants. Additionally these people also are great gifters of value and/or work for the fun of it.

Anyone can become someone with excess value. You simply need to exchange less value than you earn on a consistent basis.

Work is not work, work is living.

By Hayden Breese