Your future body will be managed by artificial intelligence and tech magic


Artificial Intelligence and technology is about to have a huge impact on the health and wellness sector. At the moment we go to the doctor when we need to or for a checkup. We find things are wrong or go to fix things that are not right. We are currently being monitored and managed by humans. A human doctor who cannot effiicently identify patterns in the big data our bodies produce. A human doctor who gets to see us and many others on a irregular basis.

Technology is about to make health data management go real-time, constant and will make monitoring a lot easier for doctors and much more cost effective. Many of us already wear health monitoring devices on our wrist in the form of a smart watch. This is only the tip of the iceberg of what is to come…

Imagine a world where health care is free and proactive. Your body is being measured and managed in a way that any problems are either foreseen and mitigated or caught early and treated.

In this world of the near future, consumer technology will enable us to monitor our bodies and to keep them well. Each person will be subscribed to a national Artificial Intelligence service which will monitor your health and wellness indicators.

Your personal health assistant, which also happens to be AI, will source recommended suppliments and make purchase recommendations for you.

Big data produced from advances in health tracking technology will manage and monitor the health of communities in real time.

Humans have now realised that the recommended average diet does not work and eating and wellness plans need to be personalised. At birth your genetic profile will be analysed and recorded and a digital health road map created for your life journey. This road map will contain various checkpoints and risk instances.

In addition, an optimum nutrition plan will be recommended from birth detailing foods to avoid and foods that are suitable for your unqiue body.

How can you benefit from these advances? As a consumer you can access many self help technologies now which are available from your local technology shop. As an entrepreneur, you could look into developing hardware technology for this high growth sector. Alternatively, you could explore blockchain for personal data management or AI for assisting doctors with decision making. If you are into APP development, you could explore health diagnostic APP development for mobile devices.

By Hayden Breese