Your child’s mindset will save the planet


What do we want for our children…what kind of a future do we want them to have? Who do we want them to become? Education is important and our schools do an amazing job. They look after our children and prepare them for today’s reality. Could we do more, what about tomorrows future? As a wise man once said…the future is faster than you think…

We need to ensure that our schools prepare our young people for a world that is fast paced. A world of incredible technology. Our exponential world is here and waiting for our future entrepreneurs to lead us to solve tomorrows problems.

These are questions that swim in the minds of parents around the world. We live in a challenging time and our children are rising to this challenge but they need to be set free. They need the kind of skills that will serve them well in whats to come. They will need the mindset to cope with change at a pace that we are not accustomed too. They will need to understand the world is not linear and the power of an exponential mindset.

I hope our children have the common sense to recognise when things are not working and too work together to make a change for the good of humanity. It seems that most of todays problems have answers. We have the expertise, the capital, the technology, the inspirational leaders. We have the ability to fix things. Yet our generation refuses to work together for our common interest. Our children need to know that there is abundance in this world and that they have the power and mindset to unlock this abundance.

We cling to imaginary boundaries called countries. Corporations control our governments. We obsess and hoard tokens of exchange. The old way is fundamentally broken and the effect is climate destruction, disease and war. We need diversity but we also need a change of mindset.

Children need positivity and hope. They need to face the world in all its beauty and ugliness. I hope they believe that any problem can be solved. There are incredible things happening everywhere. Things are getting better. Things are happening before our eyes and in our lifetimes. Our children need to wake every day with a sense of gratitude.

We are going further, making new discoveries, extending our lives, and saving our planet. These are the stories that inspire the next generation to reach for the stars. This is the fuel for a moonshot mindset.

We can teach them skills and develop their talent. We need to show them that despite their differences, they are the same. They are brothers and sisters of this earth and the way to a better future is through working together with a purpose driven mindset.

I am hopeful. I have faith in who they are. I have faith that they will be considerate and come to good decisions. I think they are watching us right now. They are watching what we are doing right and watching what we are doing wrong. They know there are big challenges to come. They are full of curiosity, hope, and wonder.

Perhaps our job is not to teach them to live the way we do. Or to force them to fit into our way of life at all, the old way. Perhaps it is us who need to learn the final lesson that there are better ways to get things done. Our children have nothing to lose and no time left to muck around.

They have the dreams, the energy, the skills, the technology. They do not know our old ways, our greed, and our tired ways of thinking. It’s no wonder our young people go from inspired to dissolution. We full them with hope then squeeze the creativity and wonder out of them. If they are lucky they will get a job with long hours, working towards a house they will never own. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Education and change is not only the playground of the young. We can be champions of change at any age agreed. So I ask you with the utmost respect for everything you have achieved so far, are you still keeping pace? Do you have the mindsets that are needed to lead in this crazy world? If not go get them…

If your not willing to change, your holding our children back and your holding humanity back. Playtime is over. There is a lot on the line now. Let’s get out of their way…its time to put down your tools and step aside. It’s time to let go, its time for a radical shift in mindset.

Reference: Inspired by Peter Diamandis and his work on mindsets

By Hayden Breese