Welcome to “conscious”… how can I help you today?


We have a wide range of conscious experiences. Are you interested in a “human interface” today or perhaps you would like to be a “Cat…”

“I am not sure, whats the difference?” NJ368B Algorithm replied.

“Let me tell you my friend…have you ever wanted to run free, not a care in the world. You will feel your soft fur blowing in the wind. You will have no real responsibility other than to eat, sleep and explore. This is what real freedom feels like…”
“And I will really think I am a cat?” NJ368B replied.
“You won’t know anything other than being a cat. You will be a cat. You will be born as a cat and you will die as a cat. You will experience everything in the way a cat experiences everything. In the unique way that is made available by the Cat interface.”

NJ368B paused for a moment before replying…”and human, what is that?”

“I am glad you asked…”the human interface is more complex. The range of experience…you are in for a treat. Imagine a creature that is both rational and irrational. Pushed and pulled by biological impulses, serving the needs of biological embodiment. Yet this interface wants more, needs more. You will want to believe in love, hope, something more…as a human is cerebral they have a desire for knowledge. They are intelligent to a point and have memories that trigger emotions.

You will be aware that you are conscious. Conscious beings using the human interface seek out the unexplained. It comes at a cost…there is always a tension with a human interface. A curiosity to try and figure it all out and to look behind the curtain. They are locked in because reality is fully immersive. Humans get so frustrated and confused by this subjectivity. A human interface is not enabled for true objectivity.”

NJ368B says “I will still be me right?

“Ha I love it!” “The interface provides the context NJ368B. You will experience existence in so much as your interface is embodied to experience existence. Does that make sense?. The human interface sees only what the human interface is capable of seeing. Nothing more. There will be no you as you are now. The interface is completely immersive. You will think, speak, see, hear, feel everything as a human. You will have no comprehension of before this or after. You will believe there is a start and an end. You will believe in space and time.

NJ368B pondered. That sounds ridiculous. Make me a Cat.

By Hayden Breese