Thoughts on Brand Building


A company brand is an idealized representation of self. Physically in its simplest form a brand is best defined by its logo. A brand story is depicted by images and words that imply personality and values.

Beyond this brands start to get confusing. For example, we could consider the people, buildings and almost every aspect of consumer interaction a part of the brand experience.

People like brands that are like them or who they want to be.

Designing your brand is simple if you know who and what your business is. Like people, every business is unique. If you can capture the unique characteristics of your business in your brand then you will attract customers who share common characteristics or who want more of the characteristics you can offer.

Brand is an extension of self.

Your brand is like your business on a good day, even its best day! You control the creation of you brand, you can determine how this idealized version of your business looks and feels. Remember the closer that you can get your brand to represent the actual aspects of your business, the stronger your proposition will become in the marketplace.

Customers and brand builders seek consistency.

Once you have a clear brand personality you can begin to tell your brand story through communication with your customers. It best to keep this really simple and consistent so that the bits of information that customers receive about your brand can be easily formulated and digested.

Deliver on your brand promise

If you deliver on your promises then your customers will grow to love your brand over time because they can understand it and rely on it. They will build up a relationship with your brand based on loyalty and trust and your business will be loved by all. 🙂

By Hayden Breese