Business Growth in Perspective


There is a lot of talk from governments about businesses expanding to become exporters. There are many business people with a massive interest in growth. Scale and perspective are critical elements to business growth.

We need to identify those business owners with the will to change. We will save a massive amount of time and resources by communicating directly to the people with the most leverage to build bigger and better businesses right now.

My theory is that many business owners will only grow their businesses to the scale of the vision with which they can comprehend and can consider realistic. If we can expand this vision, and show what is more realistic we can raise the bar in New Zealand.

We then need to show these people a perspective of what their business may look like at a larger scale. What new benefits will it bring to the customers, the employees, the community, the managers and owners. When business owners get exposed to new examples of scale and a perspective, how things can look at a new level they can perceive and plot a plan for change. We then need to jump start momentum by injecting these businesses with some key stimulant components. Equally we need to take away some key business inhibitors. All in all we then have laid a foundation for growth.

One way that this communication plan, for business growth in New Zealand, could work is to show how big businesses were once smaller businesses, medium businesses and so on. We then could help small businesses owners to see that big businesses were once small businesses and there is a success pathway for this change.

These ideas are not new I recognize that. There is room for improvement for business to gain access to knowledge, support, and media appropriate to their scale. For example, my local paper has one page dedicated to business and 80% of this is dedicated to interest rates, the reserve bank, and big business stories. If we can get business communication in perspective we can bring about big changes in this country.

By Hayden Breese