Can our leaders keep pace with technology?


The rate of technology change is putting pressure on our organisations. Our managers are faced with a world of consumers who now live and communicate intricately through social media.

Todays managers are not the new generation of tech savvy, internet ready entrepreneurs who dine in the world of web 2.0. Todays managers are the career managers who are a life-time in the making. It takes tens of years for the majority of leaders to reach CEO positions and even longer to brew a good director. Now there are exceptions, but in the majority the web, the tech, the social media probably scares the crap out of a lot of our senior managers. I definitely don’t say this as criticism, the new generations of kiwi’s, younger than me, have seemingly magical technical abilities and Internet savviness way beyond anything I could comprehend.

So what happens to management and governance in New Zealand when technology outpaces the ability of our leaders to keep up? I expect that a correction is on its way at some point. It may already be happening. Those organisations that allow younger leaders to reach CEO, governance and positions of influence sooner than their competitors will take a new advantage in this brave new world. These leaders will not replace the old guard or the old boys network. Organisations will always need a wise experienced head at the helm, regardless of age. More so, I think tomorrows leaders, out of sheer necessity to keep up with technology, will have a better chance of being heard earlier than ever before.

So senior managers, keep a close eye on the company intern, they may be just one more tweet away from chairman of the board!

By Hayden Breese