internet marketing secrets, episode 2


Welcome to the second installment of Internet Marketing Secrets. As you know, the internet is an evolving thing. There are website owners and managers just like you throughout the world. They each have one thing on their mind. Guess what that is, yes its no secret; they want the number one spot on Google for your top search phrases.

So what are you going to do about it? Well in this second installment of Internet Marketing Secrets, I will discuss with you some of the methods used by the best to get the best results.

Secret 6: Don’t sell the family jewels to make a quick buck

Have you stopped to look at the state of the Internet lately? Man there is really some crap out there. Consumers don’t want to be bombarded by advertising, or led to believe that something is free and then told at the last minute there is a hidden fee. Use advertisements wisely, so that they do not detract from your content or you will find your potential customers will never come back. Frustrated developers and entrepreneurs end up with a lot of advertising on their websites usually because their projects have failed to make money. If this is where you are heading start thinking about how to turn it around.

Secret 7: New Content is Key

We touched on this in the first installment. Search engines will compare websites and their rate of changing content. Identify an area on each of your webpage’s that you can change frequently and set a schedule. This could be every day, once a week or even a month. You can use news, event calendars, new products, advice columns and more to create new content. Think carefully before using outside content though. It’s a growing trend for websites to use RSS feeds, and news and media content from other sites. If you can do it, so can your competitors. Unless you really think your customers want this it’s only taking up extra space on your site.

Secret 8: Choose the weapons that get results

Your internet Marketing Strategy should consist of your most appropriate tools. So what are the options? The tools available consist of both website design changes and external marketing. Using keyword analysis review and optimize the text content on your site. Change the design to also improve effectiveness. Externally you can use one or more of “pay for placement campaigns” search engine submission, or work on link popularity through networking with other sites. Your competitors will also be using one or more of these tools. So if you have been concentrating on pay for placement and results are starting to ease off try more networking and vice versa.

Secret 9: Do what you do and do it well.

You cannot be all things to all people on the Internet. It’s just so easy to find someone else who is more specialized somewhere else in the world. Why does your site exist? Is it for commerce, to make money from advertising; to provide information; to create a community of people; to earn money off paid subscriptions or to facilitate brokerage of products or information. This is what you must determine as early as possible. Then every effort can be directed to supporting the purpose of your site.

As you know its great fun to tinker but if you don’t focus, before you know it, you’ve spent thousands of dollars or even years of your life creating a really nifty one minute piece of entertainment for half a dozen people over the age of 80.

By Hayden Breese