Make your business the business of success


Gather the best people and get them involved. You need to get answers from qualified people. Share and make your goal a win for many. If you vision is great then there will be plenty of reward to go round. Make your vision great, if it doesn’t inspire you then it’s not worth doing. If it doesn’t inspire you it won’t inspire anyone else.

Consider doubt logically. Deal with it appropriately and then move on. There is one direction forward. Relentlessly pursue but be flexible in your plans. Bend when its time to bend.

Seize the smallest opportunities and build momentum. Gather the tools you need along the way. Start now; refuse all that would slow you. Treat yourself with respect, be humble, prepared to make mistakes and to forgive. There is a long road ahead.

Breathe life into your company; breathe life into your product, your services. Create it, so your people are your family and your customers belong. Wave your flag high and be proud of who you are, not who you are not. Live as your consumers live and know them well. Most of all, live each day, you are so much more than just one dream.

By Hayden Breese