Quit trying to grow your business…it’s time to evolve


There is so much incentive in business to focus on “growth”. But in these chaotic times, consider a different word…”Evolution”.

When we focus relentlessly on growing our business, we lose sight of change and the risk is that we don’t have the right model and form to thrive in the emerging environment. To grow implies “growing” what we already have in play. This approach works well when environments are stable and change is slow. This approach works when the path ahead is clear and we just need to put our foot to the pedal and go!

We all know that environments are fast changing and agility is key. In this type of environment we need to“evolve”. This means our business needs to adapt to its environment as it changes. The implication of this approach may mean the introduction of new customers, products and services and the removal of non growth customers, products and services.

Growth and evolution work hand in hand together. Try and keep a constant level of evolution in play even while you are experiencing strong growth. When growth slows or is gone, this is a clear sign that its time for your organisation to evolve. This isn’t a disaster, this is an opportunity.

By Hayden Breese