Distracted, preoccupied, and removed from ourselves


Distracted, preoccupied, and removed from ourselves. Our whole lives are dedicated to finding ourselves. Each one of us born with a single destiny. It seemed so easy as a child, we were shown a world of possibilities and we were told anything was possible.

Its not that we stop wanting, or stop dreaming. Its what happens to people when the roar of the positive voices slow. What happens to us when we stop being told we are special. In fact we learn that we are one of many. Every step takes us into a new environment that brings more challenge than nurture. Only we can say what will harm us or make us stronger.

What a world of possibility it is. It seems like a world of our own making. We have the power to follow the path of our destiny. You have the power to materialize the focus of your thoughts. Though many of us will not make it. We are too often and easily preoccupied. We are sitting ducks for the forces that await us. A system that will tempt us at every turn. It is proven and perfected. It starts at School with the best of intentions. Create routines, habits and conform to popular opinion.

Then work, earn, want more than you can afford. Live beyond your means, drown in debt and sell tomorrow for a fix today. Do you buy the hype, did you buy the latest gadget? Was it really necessary? Debt, more debt, advertising, more advertising. Want, need, what is the difference?

Too few moments left. The system will shake you up, poke you from your focus. Right now, try taking time for yourself. Distraction, carrots, chickens and sheep. Can you even begin to think about following through on what you really want from your life. Orange Monkey distraction. My guess is no and its not your fault, there is to much that will work against you. Tv so bright, so colorful. Computer so much knowledge, so many connections. Iphone applications that can do anything to fill a second of any spare moment. Sit still and focus.

You have been taught to dream but trained to conform, to compromise. You have been sold time and time again, the systems routines and an array of devices that will hold you in a state of confusion, a preoccupied state of distraction.

You are a creature of habit. You are you but a thousand stolen moments away from realizing who that really is.

Close your eyes, sleep, awake, start again. Its not to late, you must be the roar of positive voices. Its up to you now there is no one else that can take you on this journey. Anything is possible if you are willing to believe. Forget science, forget everything you know. Come to a place of peace with yourself. Turn in take a look, and with patience step forward with honesty. One true step, a pace out of time, a thousand eyes fall upon you, tempted no more, the path is clear.

By Hayden Breese