Consistent high performers nurture their number one asset


Are you the ultimate performing machine? Do you work hard, aim high, drive hard? If you want to be a high performer in business, not just in the short term but day after day you need the ultimate support team. Where many of us fail in maintaining a level of high performance on an ongoing basis is in the setup of supporting and restoring mechanisms.

Think about it. High performance race cars have a team of people preparing them for the race, checking the oil, tyres, petrol, cleaning, and on and on. Once the race is started the pit stops are critical to the success and the maintenance of performance. After the race the support team starts the maintenance process, restoring the vehicle.

High performing people, take the time to properly prepare themselves between races and during the race they take the pit stops. High performing people have established a team of people or organisations that are responsible for keeping them at their best. In an English ad agency I met a guy called Oscar. Oscar worked harder than anyone I have ever met. Not in real life but in his head. The reason why things were so difficult for Oscar, more so than others with the same problems, same workload and pressures, was because Oscar was too busy to nurture himself as a high performing machine. He didn’t take the pit stops, didn’t rest between races, eventually as he tried to keep pace with himself his performance started to decline.

Like a high performance athlete or a top performing race horse, their performance in their chosen profession is not determined by one single strength. Success is determined by a multitude of factors that combine to define the whole. The training, food, experience, mental and physical conditioning, coaches, nutritionists, discipline, companionship and more combined.

Stop for a second and take a look at your support team. How do you rest between the races? When the race is on, when and where do you take your pit stop. What factors do you combine to ready and maintain yourself for peak performance. Check your eating, your exercise, your relaxation, find the people who will support you to look after yourself while you drive for performance. If you have been pushing hard like so many of us do, isn’t it time you devoted just as much effort to your number one asset. That asset is you.

By Hayden Breese