Dunedin, The First City of New Zealand


The search for a Dunedin brand personality begins. It is very difficult to combine the entire range of city wide features and experiences of all Dunedin has to offer into one definitive statement of fact and emotional feeling. Instead taking one of the strongest and most versatile aspects seems like the most logical approach. As said before a positioning statement must have guts and legs, that means it must be much more than hype if it is to be believable by the public and most important by the locals. Ideally this aspect would be not easily replicable by other centers in the sense that it denotes a differentiating aspect. I will therefore present two brand statements, the first influenced more by competitive strategy theory and the second by the need for an emotive proposition.

The first city of New Zealand

This proposition draws heavily from an arguable competitive fact; that Dunedin was New Zealand’s first city. It fulfills the need of a defendable unique competitive advantage and differentiating factor compared to other centers. By placing the sentence in the present tense we create the motivating factor that would be missing from an historic reference and interpretation. The sentence is purposely made long to add a stately honourable feel in contrast to “New Zealand’s First City” which sounds rushed. Dunedin is a city of firsts.


First to the future

Where life begins

The “where life begins” slogan focuses on the lifestyle aspect of living and working in Dunedin, the defining and youthful student culture and the early settlement of Dunedin as the first city of New Zealand. Many people choose Dunedin for the lifestyle advantage and a slogan along this line would be considerable.

By Hayden Breese