Team Dunedin


Perhaps the government is doing Dunedin a favour. Adversity and a common threat brings people together.

In economics and business, there is a constant state of positive and negative forces creating growth and decline that we all tend to ignore until something sticks out above the norm and smacks us in the face.

Recent job losses in Dunedin have caught the attention of many. While this acts as a rude awakening to the current state of affairs, it also alerts us that the balance of power has been shifted. When this occurs the true test of character occurs.

The individual responds by making adjustments to their environment, thoughts and actions. The group responds through collaboration and directed action to the common good.

The key points from this is that people and organisations are brought together to cement a more collaborative culture which is key to innovation and change necessary to survive a chaotic and threatening environment.

This new “Team Work” will be the positive yet unplanned result of the economic and social challenges posed by the centralisation strategies of national government.

A new ethos has been developing underground in Dunedin and looks now to be truly cemented in our psyche. Dunedin will not go slowly into the night. Amongst the chaos, and the ageless heritage buildings is the catalyst for a new age of innovation and change.

Welcome to… “Team Dunedin.”

By Hayden Breese