Climate change is solved by a breakthrough in Human Longevity


Imagine for a moment that science had proven that each of us upon our death are re-incarnated, literally born again to start from scratch as a baby human. Would this knowledge of continued conscious existence change how people perceive the threat of climate change? There would be no deinal then that they themselves will experience the real life perspective of climate neglect outcomes.

We soon will be able to extend the human lifetime well beyond the current lifespan that exists today. It is already moving due to advancements in health, wellbeing, and technology. One hundred years is perfectly acceptable for someone born today without further break throughs. Yet technology continues to evolve and advance at rapid rates. Human longevity is on the cusp of a revolution.

Our global governance and leadership is mature and at an age of “wisdom” in so much that they can make decisions that serve today and tomorrows generations. But do they? Or does their age bias there decisions “as someone elses problem”?

The exponential impact of decisions is both scary and exciting. Imagine the situation of re-organising the inputs and outputs of society in such a way to benefit the planet and all future generations to come. What an incredible return on investment with only a marginal cost to todays generation. This cost is a one off cost of disruption to this generations “Way of doing things.” This equation is clear on paper. Make the investment now and reap the rewards forever, for your children, grandchildren and on and on….

Yet we seem to be drowning in our own beuracracy and trapped by our perspective. The incentives that hold our system in balance also imprison our short term thinking and lead us dangerously close to not investing at all.

What if there was an unusual albeit slightly selfish answer. What if everyone alive today could live another 20-50 years? How would this change, alter the perspective of our leadership and the behaviour of our consumers? Our selfish survival instinct would kick in and this is likely what we need to solve our problems.

People like David Sinclair and others are leading the way in the area of human longevity. Whether it will be suppliments that stop or reverse ageing, 3-d printed organs that cure disease, robotic augmentation, and/or the merging with machines in a singularity moment, this is all becoming much more possible and more real than ever before.

I would like to think we all can live in such a way that we care for others who are alive today and those who are yet to come. I like to think we can look beyond ourselves and to the future. We can act to honour ourselves and our planet. Yet we are human, for all the good and bad that brings. However, this needs to get done and this means pursuading those in power to do it. I can think of no better way than to invite these people into the future. A future of their making. A future that through technology, incldues them so that they experience the result of every decision that they make today… good or bad.

By Hayden Breese