The patterns in our mind


The human mind is a biological conceptual storage dimension that creates its construct of reality over time. As the mind builds this construct and rewrites repeating structures, reality becomes more about what we already know.

Just as the mouse navigates a maze to find cheese, many of us have long built our mazes and comfortably walk the halls, knowing where each passage leads. When faced with trauma or significant change, a conflict arises between our reality and our inner dimension.

As we withdraw our focus from reality and into the imagination, we become aware of the startling disconnect between the real and the maze. The mind does not update its construct in real time. It takes time to update structures and patterns that have been written and rewritten over and over again.

It may seem like a disadvantage to live in this fast paced world with a virtual version that is out of date. Yet this pause may serve to protect our core structure and understanding about who we are, what we value and our place in the world.

Many of use refuse to make significant changes to our virtual beliefs because they keep us safe. They are what we know to be true. They are us and without them who are we? For others, the conceptual world that lives inside our heads may not be safe at all. It may be chaotic and scary. It may be a place of uncertainty and fear.

In this inner world, everything is subjective and everything has its own subjective meaning. Every inner thought, image and story that has ever been told has been custom designed by the construct of your creation.

How then do we reconcile this? We design new dimensions of information in the cloud and augment our vision with stories. We create more virtual that appears to be real. We remove the barriers associated with the real, and take our minds to virtual worlds and to VR meetings in new places. How will the maps that reside within our heads construct the patterns that define our mind? How will we make sense of all of this?

The evolution of our minds has already begun. We build repeating structures inside commercial constructs created by social media companies and leave our reality to escape to the digital virtual. Our children form the core of their mazes using the technologies that we consider to be cutting edge. The children consider our modern technology to be normal. It is not strange to a youthful construct. However, they will grow older too and when they do, the patterns of their minds will be better prepared for what comes next.

By Hayden Breese