You are a super hero but your making it harder than it needs to be


It’s so easy to lie to ourselves about how hard our lives are. We are all exhausted right? Work, the kids, partners, family, money, covid, and the list goes on and on. The reality for many people including myself is “we can do better and we can feel better”. If you are at breaking point, are happy being stuck in a rut and don’t want a lecture please do not read on…

Ok so, its about now you expect some sort of “self help” blah blah blah about getting plenty of exercise, sleep and avoiding processed foods right? Your only half right. What I am proposing is this…you consider three must do areas when you start your day. Are you ready to find out what they are?

Here we go. The first is “perspiration”. You have been lying down for like eight hours or something. You have rested, do you think your body now wants to go and sit in a chair while your brain, mouth or fingers are the only thing that moves. Some of you are thinking yes… NO! Your body wants to move. The more movement the better. So my first suggestion is to exercise or move your body in the morning. Go for a walk or to the gym. Go for a swim or a run. Your blood will flow, your body will move and you will feel alive!

The second is “inspiration.” Our mind needs to be calibrated with the right mindset. It’s so easy to be caught up in the small things. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by our ego and our limitations. You need to train your mind that your potential is limitless and that you can achieve the impossible. Set your mindset up for success. You thinking “how” right? Ok so sit and read a book that inspires you for as long as you can. Five minutes, ten, thirty minutes. Whatever you can spare.

The third and final is “relaxation.” Your thinking… its the morning are you insane? Does he realise how much I have to do today? The pressures! Yes I do realise and that is why relaxation is key. Relaxation is hard to do and it is the right thing to do. In this world of stress and overwhelm the wrong thing to do is to neglect the power of relaxing. Yes! You guessed that its time to meditate. Sitting quietly for yourself when the day is going to be so busy seems wrong and counter productive I know. Yet, this action alone will help give you find the clarity of mind to stay calmer as your day unfolds.

Now these things are easy to do and they are the right things to do every day. Most people will not do these things consistently because they are not fundamentally essential. This is the difference between people who are high performers and people who are doing the bare minimum and struggling. The high performers understand the importance of investing in themselves. The high performers know that doing the “Easy” things are the hard things and they do them anyway because they are essential to doing better and feeling better.

Give it a go…you can be better. You can do more, feel better and I believe in you.

By Hayden Breese