The Multi-Tasking Mind

I was really impressed when the Iphone brought in multitasking support but it makes me wonder how many people walk around with too many tasks going at once in their head.
I often take a moment to stop and shut down the applicaitons running on the phone. It feels good for some reason to get them to stop. One at a time I click through and turn them off. I know they can probably continue to run in the background but something tells me that its good to clear the deck every once a while.
Perhaps our brains are a little bit like the iphone with all these thoughts, tasks and agendas ticking away in the background, taking up processing space and draining the battery.
I think we need to ask ourselves, what do we have going on in the background and when was the last time we cleared the deck. A great way to do this is to gain conscious recognition of your background thoughts. Stop and listen to your internal dialogue and when you identify something that keeps springing in and out of consiousness write it down. Get it down on paper so that it hold a place in space and time thats not only in your head. This creates space and clarity of thinking.
Once you have a better understanding of these applications, you can begin to accept that some serve you well and others you carry around for old time sake but barely use, or need. Perhaps they are just taking up space. So maybe its time to buy and iphone and get multitasking, or better yet, give your mind a break and clean out the closet.
By Hayden Breese