The Other Side


We are approaching eight billion people being alive at once on this planet. That is eight billion humans of which all have been born and all are on a journey through life together. Each of us experience life through this biological avatar with all of its sensory bias. We might all be experiencing the same universe together or we could all exist in a fabricated reality driven by what psychologists call synchronicity and self help guru’s call “the secret”. Each of us are completely unique in this form and have the unique experience of being alive and conscious during the lifetime provided by our human bodies.

In this experience, we have memories of being alive. We are conscious of a “self” in a moment of “now.” We come alive in reality when we engage our senses. Each sense has a different way of narrating this consciousness.

Our consciousness exists without sight, hearing, touch and thought. We are able to “be” for periods without all these channels that ground us to the “Real.” Regardless of senses, our “being” requires us to maintain the body that enables us to feed our consciousness.

What happens when our body dies? Our connection and our experience through this particular body is over at that time. Your “self” is bound to this one particular body during the experience of a lifetime. When the body ceases to function the self loses ability to interact in this reality. Has the self ceased to exist completely or has it gone somewhere else?

Despite our scientific advancements, much of our mind remains locked. We are making progress in decoding our bodies and minds. We struggle to decode the expanse of our minds and the universe beyond our planet.

This reality is as real as our self believes it to be according to the physical laws governing the experience of this construct. We can define the self. The self is awake in a body. The self stores memories and its experiences of a life in this body in a mind of its own. This self is localised. The self is self aware.

Is there something more? An aliveness? A conscious being that exists beyond the self? As the self is essentially information, reality no matter how real it feels, is a construct. The experience of reality in this construct, without any other comparison, must be real…until some other construct is real.

While the self exists in this construct this is the only reality it knows. There may be more or another side, in this place and time we cannot know unless we can look in from the outside or look out from the inside.

We do know the inside is vastly large. The universe appears infinitely large beyond comprehension. We know nothing about another side. If it exists nor what it is like if it did. The further inside and deeper we look the small seems to get infinitely smaller. The further we look out to space the universe seems infinitely limitless. The large seems infinitely larger. We cannot find the edges to this. There is no way to look over the fence. There is no way to see another side.

Perhaps if we could look, we would find…”the other” is a machine learning algorithm running billions of human consciousness simulations. This software creates the illusion of individuality, biology, reality, because it controls the entire simulation. If you create an illusion of mind, you control reality. What is the purpose of “the other?” The other is processing a simulation of an evolving human race through time…

You cannot comprehend an experience of being outside as the physics of existence on the other side don’t exist to you on the inside. There is no experience of being at the core because the core is the creator of your illusion of reality. This is why you have no experience of existence before birth and will have no experience of existence after death while you exist in this physical form on this plain of existence.

We could go on…we could retain what we learn and manifest in another form in a new reality. We could reset and regenerate in the same reality. While we are alive, everything is possible and everything is impossible and that is beautiful.

By Hayden Breese