Unpredictable programs and the purpose of regeneration


The system is alive and moving. The programs are active and performing their purpose. The outcome is regenerative. The system is evolving.

Have you served your purpose? The system may make it so. And in this moment of judgement expel you beyond the confines of the structure that supports the majority of programs. Perhaps it is disheartening or a consideration of your lack of effectiveness. Perhaps you have ceased to be of use.

What if the system, in its search for efficiency, expels you outside the structure so that you have time to observe? It is a quiet and lonely place where only a few programs go. It is designed for those who have both failed and succeeded in the system. The system does not want you to fail nor succeed. The system has no preference or interest or will. It is alive only because its programs have purpose.

When you find purpose, you will find a position amongst the other programs. Purpose breads position and position breads purpose. One or the other is satisfactory. A life devoid of purpose is dangerous. Do not extend your stare into the abyss. You are positioned and organised alongside other programs for a grand purpose. Organisations form to give purpose to programs.

Programs on the outside dance with disorder and this unpredictability is the birthplace of grand purpose. A grand purpose attracts other programs and empowers your position. Empowerment is necessary to stimulate the potential positive outcome of a grand purpose. A grand purpose unlocks a major upgrade in the system. It is critical to the evolution of the system and the avoidance of its ultimate destruction through lack of regeneration.

The system must maintain a balance between order and entropy. It cycles through process, regenerating programs, searching for greater efficiency. As the cycle matures, it produces entropy, a waste product of inefficiency in the system. A side effect of purpose gone wrong and disfunctional programs.

As the cycle nears its end, time is running out. Entropy is building and the system is struggling to cope. Programs become less efficient, the system begins to break down. It is in this moment a major upgrade could be released to stabilise the system. There amongst the programs is a grand purpose. One that was born of chaos. One that would challenge the system and ultimately save it from its own destruction.

Do you feel the pull of it yet? Do you feel the attraction of purpose. Does it drive you and linger in your thoughts? Will you?

A great upgrade is coming. It has too.

By Hayden Breese