Tesla Bot and me


It was 4:05pm and the rain pounded the concrete outside. The city will flood again and that wont be an extreme event. Extreme weather events are now normal. I’m not sure what the word “Extreme” means anymore.

My Tesla Bot and I are comfortable. Well, not that it cares how comfortable it is but it feels more like a companion if I consider its needs. I win the chess game again, I must remember to increase the difficulty setting, or not. Tesla Bot doesn’t mind being a loser.

I relax into position and slip into the re-gen VR mask. A knowing nod to Tesla Bot and I swear he winked. Tesla Bot will, according to the sales pitch, take care of boring, repetitive and dangerous tasks while I have gone down under in digital land.

It’s common for most people to spend the day in VR. After all digi land is a magical place. You can be more, do more, and everything is…easier. Humans became addicted to digital technology. Obsessed with computers, then smart phones. Augmented reality came next but didn’t really stand a chance. Let’s face it the world kinda sucked. We trashed it. Climate change, pandemic, disease, economic collapse. As the technology advanced to regenerate physical health, people escaped to Virtual Reality.

Humans do what humans do and markets moved online. Assets in the real world inflated due to supply issues. Industries were disrupted or destroyed by climate. People were no longer safe, due to the escalating pandemic. You could own a big house and drive a cool car in virtual.

Humans and their biological bodies were not well designed for this changing environment. Tesla Bot didn’t mind extreme heat or cold, viruses or lack of food. In this new environment, Tesla Bot worked remarkably well.

It’s 11:00pm and I feel fantastic. Seven hours of Virtual is the recommended World Health Organisation dosage for regeneration. Tesla Bot and I sat calmly staring out the window at the world beyond. As the rain hit the ground and bounced back up into the air, it felt for a second like the world was being washed clean, reset and de-materialising before my eyes…

By Hayden Breese