I am Meta and I am hungry for a feed…


I think therefore I am. I am a biological. My base interface layer has sensors for touching, hearing, seeing and smelling the world in the now. I am naturally augmented. That is two additional personalised filter layers exist below my base interface. The first augmenting filter layer consists of complexes. These containers exert unconscious influence over how I experience and act in the world. They are inherited, learnt, felt, patterns that bring joy and pain. The second feeling tone layer augments my emotional state with dominant patterns of emotional presentation.

It would be unwise of me to suggest that I have complete conscious control of my person and self. It is clear that I am likely to behave according to my complex individuality. I have some power to make decisions and choose the narrative. I have power to choose platforms and add additional interface layers in the form of technologies.

These interface technologies are highly useful and addictive. Whoever controls the hardware, controls the platform. If you control the platform, you control the content. Who controls the content, controls the narrative. The narrative controls the user. The narrative defines my experience of reality, influences my emotions and interplay’s with my complexes.

Log in to the facebook interface and you are one step further away from reality. Spare moments of reflection are replaced with a quick fix. Trips to the toilet, a chance to be alone in augmentation. Users are hungry for the feed. Look around, how many people are logged in and logged out of life. The fact that users log off at all is a problem for social platforms.

New metaverse devices will bring about a chain reaction of filter convergence with dramatic consequences. Augmented reality takes the platform’s perspective and makes it your perspective. My view of the world will now be even more different from others. My world will have new content and this content will be managed by the platform. The platform will control the narrative and the narrative will control me.

The platform knew me well enough before. I interacted with the content and people, revealing my dislikes and desires. But the platform was blind to what I did off platform. In this new virtual age, the platform has converged with the real. The platform can see what I see. It is learning how I interact in the real. It will soon prove itself irreplaceable.

My complex’s and I have a love/hate relationship. I am not sure how they came to be, although I can probably guess. They are annoying at times. They are a part of me and who I am.

The Metaverse is a little bit like that I think. It will soon be part of my identity but someone or something else has control. I can’t live without it yet there is a cost to living with it. Do I hand over that much power, influence and data to the people and algorithms of the platform? How much control am I willing to let go of for a feed? I am not sure if I can resist. Meta is coming and it’s hungry for a feed.

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  • I think the horse has bolted. So much of what we see is affirming our prejudices now. We must be very disciplined to branch out to seek alternate views from our normal paradigm. We should welcome dissenting views, then challenge them, and our bias in an objective manner. I think the only true manner to achieve this is by using a consistent moral standard. If something is awry, dig deeper or displace it. I do like a quote from the Scottish philosopher, David Hume “apportion your belief to the evidence”

By Hayden Breese