Life on Earth is over…wait…Tesla and Elon have a plan!


Let’s get this cleared up right from the start. I have invested in Tesla and not just because they have a “why” they do things mantra. They are simply more innovative than their competitors. They are solving problems that matter in todays society and are critical to the future of humanity. Tesla is a company that has evolved beyond the profit motive and I respect that.

The fact that they have a master plan part 3 for a sustainable energy future and are executing that plan is remarkable. Many governments and corporations seem set on talking themselves into oblivion or at least framing the illusion of concern without any real action at all. Isn’t it time we all took action?

The second remarkable feat is having a vision beyond a profit motive while still making a profit. This company is a market leader in so many ways. This is when a critic will step in and say there are better robots or cars or something else. There are single use cases of innovation agreed. The Tesla design thinking for scale approach, ensures execution and commercialisation, is at the top of mind in innovation. This alone sets them apart in terms of monetising research and development.

Disruption is coming. There is no doubt it can’t come soon enough. Legacy car manufacturers only hope at this point is to disrupt themselves. They must spin off seperate EV based companies that are free of the existing infrastructure, cashflows, bureaucracy and burdens of legacy technologies. Even then they may fail, as they are simply not vertically integrated enough to compete with Tesla’s first principles philosophy.

All in all, I am proud to watch Tesla methodically design a vision of the future and execute on their plan for the betterment of humanity. They are doing things not just because it makes money but because it makes sense. Saving our planet and our children seems like a win win to me. So let’s give them what they need and help them make it happen.

By Hayden Breese