Virtuous tech titans take action to save future humans


The ability to work together towards common goals has been fundamental to the ongoing success of the human species. This has been successfully demonstrated at a group level but as groups get larger these groups become more complex with diverging goals.

In the case of climate change, humans of the present moment have obligations to their families but some also to their shareholders. As a collective, humanity must adapt. The language of change must be in a native tongue. That is corporate interests adapt because there is strong business logic in doing so.

Our governments are failing to organise to secure the environment for future humans. These are complex, populist groups with diverging interests, ultimately too slow to be effective.

Yet again we turn to the architects of the future. The social tech entrepreneurs who operate outside the established institutions. These rare people are moralistic tech titans for future humans, live outside of political bureaucracy and speak in the language of industry. They appear strange and different to the rest of us because they are remarkable and rare. Our future is in their hands…

By Hayden Breese