Embracing Change: Bold Leadership in a Disrupted World


Are we all living in denial? We cling desperately to our past routines and beliefs as if one day we will wake up and everything will be as it was. It will not.

The pace of change is accelerating or perhaps the storms on the horizon have finally arrived. Either way those who are preparing to lead must do exactly that. This is not a time for steady as she goes “governance” or management.

Our time requires bold, decisive leadership. The kind of leaders who can manage dynamic challenging environments with one eye on the present and another on the future.

We have established power dynamics and structures that ensure a particular way of life. These organisations and systems exist to generate the reality we are used to. We live in a new environment now. This environment has altered with the introduction of Covid-19, the arrival of significant climate events and the acknowledgement of an Ai revolution, to name a few.

As our reality and environment changes around us, we look to our leaders to provide certainty and solve these problems. Yet most do not have any answers or action because they persist within the same dynamic structures designed for the old world.

What can we do when disruption surrounds us? I would suggest you start anew. Take a fresh look at what is in front of you. Let go of the tools of the past. Arrive at this new destination with a single suitcase and take a deep breath. There is work to do.

By Hayden Breese