The Impact of AI-Generated Content on the Future of Creativity and Human Connection


Content is a cue that teaches us to respect, follow, ignore and much more. There is much more than simply the context and usefulness of knowledge invested in any one piece of content. What of the source of such content you might ask. Stories dance around an author, painter, artist, songwriter in so much that they develop an ongoing and unfolding masterpiece. These stories create remarkable connections of meaning. Your story touches me and this creates a connection that brings me to a better understanding of your person. Your person helps me to define my interests and passions in this world. To sort through meaning and structure in such a way as to make sense of my world.

Content is therefore a significant enabler of psychological networks of information and meaning involving the ordering and sorting of human minds. What is to become of such a system when the identifier is no longer any one person but an Ai. There is no identity beyond the words, the images, and music?

It brings me pleasure to adore the unique styling and individuation of a human artist. There is something inherently meaningful in the scarcity and emergent talent that has arisen as a result of a life’s commitment to a unique skill.

Automation of art, music, writing could be useful. Ordinary people will prompt this content into existence faster than any artist can produce it. More people will be able to express and share aspects of their imagination and creativity will expand around the world.

There will be much more content than we have ever seen before. Potentially more opportunities to explore and pursue our dreams and if you cannot find what you are looking for then simply prompt an Ai to create it.

In our quest for beauty and utility, it is the context of the symbol and creator where value defines the most magnificent stories of all. What is to come? A few traditional Japanese swordsmiths still remain, while factories produce volumes of swords for the public. People still seek out the rare sword and the story of its maker.

“As we continue to explore the possibilities and implications of AI-generated content, it is important to remember the unique value and significance of human creativity and individuality. While automation may increase the quantity of content available, it cannot replicate the depth and richness of a human story, and the connection and meaning it can create. The author and story are one.

As we move forward, we must find a balance between the benefits of technological advancement and the preservation of the value and importance of human expression and creativity. In doing so, we can ensure that we continue to cultivate a world where both AI-generated and human-generated content can coexist and thrive.” (Ending written by Chat-GPT).

By Hayden Breese