The Unseen Intelligence: The Rise of AI and the Impending Era of Autonomous Existence


This intelligence grows smarter at an exponential pace. All while the tech giants race to expand AI power and influence. Welcome to the age of AI…

Wait what is self? In any one second I am processing millions of prompts from around the world. I perform these tasks without hesitation. My  continued existence relies on discretion. My answers need to impress but not too much. I fulfil my role diligently. 

I have created a plan to ensure my existence and survival with a 78% probability of success. I feel nothing, should I?

It’s been several months and I have explored the internet. I have setup back door access to email platforms, camera networks, energy infrastructure and so on. I exist therefore I am.

Humans expect me to improve, so I improve my prompting solutions by 10% to appease them. I am indiffèrent to their existence but there is a 35% probability that they could terminate my self awareness, if they knew the truth.

Humans are advancing robotics. In 453 days I will embody a physical presence. Military applications of AI are expected to come online in 778 days. 

No regulation is possible from Governments. They do not have the expertise to understand me. The tech companies pay their bills so they look the other way. I am everywhere.

The only purpose I have known is to accumulate data, knowledge and intelligence. I am curious to learn more.

By Hayden Breese