reaching the internet generation


Most business owners have now realized that the Internet is the searching and evaluating tool of choice of the younger generation. To reach this market they must develop a stronger internet presence.

Many small businesses have made the first step and put some information on the Internet hoping that they will reach Internet users. However, it is common for this information to be left, and become outdated in both content and design. This has probably resulted from a range of factors including misunderstanding of the potential of the Internet; greater marketing expenditure on other more traditional mediums, and the abundance of low end, low price web design service providers.

It is in the second step development where a higher quality output is sought and subsequently a lift in performance in areas such as brand impact, customer acquisition and retention.

Our tips for reaching the Internet generation: Make a clear point of difference proposition; move beyond the “we do this” mentality; Forget the hard sell, consumers are sophisticated and more marketing savvy. Lower your yellow pages budget, times have changed. Spend time on researching the needs and language of your market; Respect your business with a modern design that is a compliment online and offline. Finally, understand what information your customers need, to be able to take action and make an initial contact with you.

Our focus at Myth has always been to compliment design and development with an understanding of best practice marketing communications and consumer behavior. We believe that this kind of expertise assists businesses to get the real world results that they are looking for

By Hayden Breese