The Digital Evolution of the Website Industry


Hayden Breese

Imagine a world where paper is digital. This electronic paper is as thin as paper, flexible, wraps, folds, rolls, looks more or less like paper, but is far more technically advanced.

We pick up the morning paper from the grocer along with a coffee. The single sheet of digital paper is as cheap as paper but thats where the similarities end. We touch the center of the page to turn it on and instantly we see the first page of digital content, touch it again in the right hand corner and we move to the next. Double tap something of interest to zoom or activate media such as video or audio.

The digital paper could be designed to hold a preloaded piece of information such as a newspaper, company brochure or lecture. Alternatively, we could even update our paper over a wireless network and thats where things get exciting. Imagine a digital business card updating a changed phone number or a highlanders poster updating the latest rugby ticket prices. The possibilities are exciting and achievable.

Before we get carried away, the print industry does not need to close up shop just yet, razor thin digital screen technology has been a hot topic for television and computer manufacturers like Hewlett Packard for over 5 years, yet we have not seen a commercially viable paper thin digital product that can compete with the economics of paper for the mainstream.

Advancements are sure to come. We have found many ways to get website content from the internet to computer screens, laptops, our televisions, and even mobile phones but still nothing has come close to replacing paper. Until we get the technology thin enough, flexible enough, and digital paper with wireless delivery cheap enough, there is no beating paper just yet.

As business owners we are ready. Its been a tough ride but content management systems have improved in leaps and bounds and website owners are getting much smarter at presenting well written content, tailored for dissemination across many digital mediums. All that and the rise of Social Media. All in a good days work I would say. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? New mediums for digital content will mean that companies like Myth will no longer create websites, more likely we will create Digital Brands. The website and print industries are changing as we speak. It is the dawn of a new digital age.

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