Detach your dreams from your dollars


Forget everything you know about Money! Its not real, it doesnt exist. Us kiwi’s know that more than most as eftpos has certainly reduced the tangibility of a transaction. Money, Money Money, its not real, it doesnt exist. Ok I am repeating myself now, but I really want to make sure that what I am saying to you is sinking in. We dont need money, we cant eat it, we cant live in it, we cant holiday in it. Ok you get the picture. Money is but a concept. An item for exchange, an idea for status, a method to judge ability to complete action. Then why do so many people seek it out. Why do we want more of this stuff and for what purpose?

Well Im thinking that we have all been trained, like mice in a maze, and pigeons for food, we have been sold the ideal that if we can get money everything we have ever dreamed will come true. This is perhaps the greatest lie you have ever been told, and I am afraid this lie is being told everyday on television, in schools and between parents and their children.

Everything you ever wanted can come true and it doesn’t take a cent. You do not need to sell your soul for your dreams, you don’t need to be another sell out in this world. What you believe in can be stronger than any dollar. Detach your dreams from your dollars! Throwing more money at something wont create a solution or solve the problem. Your mind, your creative genius, your time, your ability to interact with others, your values, beliefs, none of these things have ever had anything to do with money. This is why a millionaire can lose a fortune and get it back the next day. This is why someone on minimum wage can win lotto, be instantly rich and live terribly or lose it all.

STOP chasing money! STOP worshiping money, forget the pay check. Now focus all of your efforts back to you, thats right, if you want to live a better life you are going to focus on making you a better person. Start by setting strong standards for your life, say to yourself “In my life I will stand for these values.” In my life “I will live this way regardless of circumstances.” In your life you are time rich! You have all the time in the world to do the things that are important to you. You spend this time with the people that you love, doing the things you love to do. You accept that there are tough times and these are faced with strong people, people that will stand along side you, in mutual support.

Money is an illusion that clouds your mind, money is the distraction that teases your focus away from what’s really important.¬†Work hard to follow your passion, try and make yourself a little bit better everyday. Educate yourself, commit to a life of trying to help others.

Now if you are reading this without a cent in your pocket, perhaps you have lost it all and all this is a bit hard to swallow. After all its hard to be told that money isn’t important when you can barely clothe or feed yourself. Perhaps you know better than anyone that the necessities of life come with a cost, and perhaps you also know better than most, that “living well” doesn’t cost a cent.

By Hayden Breese