Success comes to those that commercialize their natural ability…


I bet you have tried your hand at a few different jobs or business ventures over your life time. I would be willing to place a bet that the closer the activity is aligned with your primary talents the greater the level of personal fulfillment you received and further financial success.

We thrive when we breathe life into expressing what we value the most. What do you value?

Some of us are blessed with secondary skill sets. While this can very helpful it can also be very distracting in our quest to find the right pathway in our personal development. Do you sometimes feel that you are off on a tangent? We all feel this way when day after day we work outside of our primary capability or purpose. Sometimes this working lifestyle goes on for so long we lose sight of what our primary purpose or talent is. Sometimes so many commitments mount up that even the thought of change seems insurmountable. The truth is you can rediscover your natural purpose by connecting with your individual talent.

In marketing businesses we would term this a companies “Unique Selling Proposition.” In Management theory we would say its the “Competitive Advantage.” Whatever language we use, the facts speak for themselves. You do one thing exceptionally well, some things pretty good, and a lot of things terribly. In which area do you spend the majority of your time?

Think back to the times when you have thrived! What made you the best or better than most at a particular activity? Did you feel the flow, a moment of absolute fulfillment and ultimate realization that you were doing exactly what you were intended to do from the day that you were born. I think you know what I mean, and I think you know what it is.

So stop lying to yourself, face the truth, start reconnecting with your natural passion one step at a time. Maybe at first you will not be able to commercialize your talent, perhaps at first your talent will be only a very small aspect of your life. Whatever your personal circumstances I wish you well, I pledge my hope to you in your pursuit of fulfillment. May your world be abundant with what you value most and may you thrive through the evolution of your personal talent.

By Hayden Breese