The time poor are the new poor.


Full of self importance, no normal day to day activity is normal when you are time poor… Standing at the check-out, leg fidgeting, already several steps ahead of your body. An accelerated heart beat, you watch meticulously the movements and interactions of the teller and shopper in front of you. If only you had been slightly faster, if only you could do what you do just that little bit faster. You would not be standing here now, waiting, waiting. You must remember to make haste next time you come again.

Perfect interactions make for perfect usage of time. A simple mistake could waste more time, the wrong eftpos card, an incorrect password, all eat away at your lack of time. The time poor drive fast, eat fast, talk fast, or choose not to talk at all. The time poor do not take time to nurture relationships, these things take too much time. The time poor stay focused on the task at hand for how else could they make the impossible possible. To be time poor you have to be more perfect. Can you be more perfect?

Too many of us are time poor, and ironically, the faster we go the less we get done and the less of life we enjoy. If you are time poor it is likely that you have a belief that you need to work hard, and even harder in your head. Why is it that you work so hard in your head? To make money, for self growth, to please your boss, to please yourself, to be good, to be accepted, to be noticed, to be important, to be somebody? How are you going with that? I am willing to bet that someone keeps moving the goal posts and you end up working harder and faster for longer.

Imagine running, rushing, fretting, day after day, week after week for the rest of your life. What would that be like? Looking back from your rocking chair years from now, how would you feel about your life and everything you achieved? Proud, happy, or regretful. You can dress it up anyway you like. Wear the suit, talk on your phone, being busy means more importance, right? NO, the time poor are the new poor! The time poor have more stress, are more prone to illness, carry guilt, and are completely detached from knowing who they really are.

The time rich have a mindset of abundance. They seem to have all the time in the world because they have conditioned their mind to believe that there is enough time to do the things they want to do. The time rich experience life in its entirety.

You need a mindset shift. You need to re-engineer how you think about time. Time is in abundance. The time rich are never rushed, they take their time. They take their time to meet the right people, to get to know them and to create real opportunities. They get more done because their mind is clearer to make better decisions.

You can be rich instantly. Give the greatest gift of yourself to you, your family, friends, colleagues, your community. Give them your time.

By Hayden Breese