My Dogs Memory


I knew this dog once, called Jack. He was like any other dog. He would sit steering at you while you ate hoping for a treat to be thrown his way. Jack is a master motivator. He understands basic principles about how to get what he wants. Firstly he must be near the opportunity. Where the food is. For a dog proximity is key. He will sit close to the food.

Secondly, jack plants the seed or consideration in your brain. He sits directly in front of you and if you notice he doesn’t stare at the food, he looks you directly in the eyes. For Jack he must be noticed, he must be considered for his wish to potentially come true. Jack plants the seed of his success without saying a single word.

Finally for jack to be successful he is persistent. Think of how many times Jack has had to wait patiently only to be ignored while i stuffed my face with a sausage roll. He has failed time and time again but every once in a while, Jack gets something.

Are you getting some?

By Hayden Breese