The Sea breathes


The sea drew back as if to take breath. I thought between the roar that I heard a gasp. As waves flowed back towards the horizon, forward moving waves were already lurching towards the beach. Then they hit. At that moment of intense emotion all that was positive in the world collided with a counter balancing force of negativity. Sometimes the sea quietly crawled higher towards the dunes as if the retreating waves missed their call. At times the surge forward was humble.

If your state of well being in a day was represented by the sea we would forever be attempting to move forward towards the dunes, always drawing back by our own advance. It seems to me that we could easily surge forward and engulf the earth with our joy. But perhaps this would not be as beneficial as we might think. To be truly alive we need to accept that we are like the sea. All positive thought and motion cannot be limitless – it must be constrained so we do not explode into euphoria and ultimate insanity. So be happy if you are positive at least half of the time, enjoy your tides and marvel as the sunset shines over your shores.

By Hayden Breese