Google, your Global Super Brand next door


It was once a highly useful search engine sitting at the opposite side of the world. Now Google is a super brand and its reach grows more global and more local every day. Lets face it, Google is way more local and real. Its now setup camp in our back yard whether we like it or not. Today I got a letter from Google and I am sure that tomorrow a Google representative will be knocking at the door.

I guess with Globalisation we got Ronald McDonald, so why not a Google on every corner? Oddly, ask an average person on the street and some would tell you that Google “is the internet”. Google wants to replicate the real world on the internet. It has placed it’s hands in many many pies in order to achieve this.

We rely on Google and that creates a power differential. It only makes sense that while Google gets busy placing more of the real world on the Internet, it will make itself of the real world.

The Warehouse opened a new store in my old home town Mosgiel, and almost instantly the local stationary store closed. We can call it progress, evolution or growth. Good or bad, Google is coming to a town near you and it’s impact will be felt.

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By Hayden Breese